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Happy Valentine’s Day

Had a Valentine’s Day Party last Saturday.  And while my husband and I don’t really celebrate this day, I found it to be a good excuse for a dance and fun night.  Sharing some of the highlights.









Hand made invitations pack more warmth than an E-vite.  Hobby Lobby or any other craft store is your best friend. I had to watch videos to learn how to tie the perfect bow as in the the first pic.  The second pic was actually the first pic of the first trial card I made.  You can see the sloppy bow 😦


I converted this beautiful chest into a chocolate/candy bar.  The silver chest holds goody bags containing chocolate hearts and mints.  I snuck in some small LED lights behind the translucent net fabric goody bags which added a flickering glow which was more visible when we turned off the incandescent lights and turned on the disco lights for dance time.  Curious guests were prying behind the bags to figure out where the glow emnated from and were pleasantly impressed.



There was tons of food.  Pictured here are the gourmet cheeses with assorted crackers, salsas and the big time hit-Avocado Feta Salsa (Recipe follows). Not pictured are the stuffed mushrooms,  pasta salad, and spanish rice (courtesy a friend)  and spinach cheese dip (courtesy a friend).


I had planned three games:

Tie a Tie-Wives were asked to tie a tie for their significant other.  First to complete the task according to acceptable tie tying criteria won. (Husbands were allowed few minutes to teach the wives). You can also let them know ahead of time so they may practice.

Valentine Puzzle– I picked up identical valentine cards (@ 2/$1) from the dollar store, cut them into 20 pieces and placed them in individual envelopes which were then sealed.  First couple to solve the puzzle wins. (Did not take more than 5 minutes).

Balancing the Dice-I picked up craft sticks from Hobby Lobby. You can also use popsicle sticks. Husbands were asked to hold the stick in their mouth and wives were asked to stack 6 dice as fast as possible.  This game I got from the TV show – A Minute To Win It, and modified it.

Recipe for the super duper hit; Avocado Feta Dip:

An hour before the party, combine 2- quartered and chopped roma tomatoes, 3 medium avocadoes, 2 tbsp diced onions, juice of 1/2 a  lemon, olive oil drizzled evenly, (should be twice the amount of the lemon juice), salt to taste, 2 cloves garlic grated, fresh chopped cilantro. Refrigerate. To serve: Place in a wide mouthed decorative bowl and garnish generously with crumbled feta cheese.